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HYBRID PHYSICS Classes are being proposed to about 40000 schools in India for free usage including state and central govt schools for preparation of competitive examinations to high school students from academic session 2020-21. HYBRID PHYSICS classes will be uploaded on Physics Galaxy Youtube channel as per schedule given below. As Ashish Arora sir is extremely busy, depending on his availability, class schedule may be changed. Class frequency of HP classes will be two or three per week.

Topic voting which was started to know the topic interest of students in studying online. Now the voting is stopped and at back end upcoming schedule of classes is planned which will be gradually upadated in schedule of online classes listed below.

For benefit of competing with maximum number of students in online tests students have to enrol for Hybrid Physics classes to earn HP Coins. Click on the link below to enrol in Hybrid Physics Classes.

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Schedule of upcoming Livestream Classes
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